Circles Gets Results

Mid-year 2011 National Results: Once again, the latest poverty report grabs the attention of the nation with some of the worst news since 1962  Meanwhile Circles data offers a promising contradiction.  During this recession, our families are making substantial gains; each 6 month report shows gains over the previous one:

      _______    __         Income Increase ____     Assets Increase     Welfare Benefits Decrease
Finished the class           28%                                      28%                             -6%
Circles 6 months             29%                                      71%                              -6%
Circles 12 months           34%                                      101%                           -27%
Circles 18 months           48%                                      115%                           -36%


Circles is designed to inspire and equip communities to make progress in reducing the fallout costs of raising children in poverty.  According to the Center for American Progress, the fallout costs of raising children in poverty was estimated at $500 billion a year in 2007.  Dividing the 12.9 million children in poverty into the total cost of $500 billion equals $38,760 a child per year.

Current investments in Circles are estimated at 5.7 million and the return using the above formula is 7.4 million a year (191 children enrolled in Circles and in our database were moved over the federal poverty guidelines).  The Social Return on Investment has been estimated at 30%.


Data is collected online by Community Collaobrative Inc based in Rockford, IL.  Online data compilation across all sites began in April of 2010.