Circles Update: April 26, 2017

Mountain Projects is excited to introduce the new Circles of Hope Coordinator for Haywood County, Bill Guy. He is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, or as others would call it, Cajun Country. He moved to Waynesville, NC in February of this year with his wife, Jenny, and their two young children, David and Daniel. In 2012, Bill left Corporate America behind to pursue his passion of serving others in need. For the last five years, Bill and Jenny served the underprivileged community in Bogotá, Colombia, where they founded a non-profit, faith-based youth development organization. As a veteran, Bill served thirteen years in the United States Marine Corps with a deployment to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Bill is currently a third year Junior at Liberty University. He is pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Social Work in order to help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Although Bill is new to the area, the facets of poverty is something he is well acquainted with.

“As someone who grew up in a single parent household with three siblings and immersed in poverty, I know that there is no single approach to this dynamic issue. It takes a communal approach to deal with the systematic establishment and perpetuation of poverty. Poverty does not only affect those in its grasp, it affects everyone, regardless of your socioeconomic status. So it would seem rational that the community would pull together in an effort to reduce it.”

His education and experience in the helping profession cross cultural, linguistic, and international boundaries.

“I have experienced tremendous growth over the last five years working with underprivileged youth in South America. Inarguably, the most important things I learned is that social, cultural, and economic change does not occur without relationship building, empathy, and compassion.”

Circles of Hope

Circles of Hope Haywood County are committed to addressing the underlying causes of poverty by supporting families and individuals as they work toward sustainable economic stability. Circles of Hope is proud to be partnered with Mountain Projects, who is our lead agency.

How You Can Help

Circles of Hope Haywood County is currently seeking individuals who are interested in being part of our leadership team and are passionate about helping their community and effecting social change. We are also looking to establish partnerships with community churches, private, and public organizations to help facilitate our mission.

You can help support Circles of Hope Haywood by simply going to and use PayPal or by check to:

Mountain Projects, Inc. Circles of Hope Haywood County 2251 Old Balsam Road Waynesville, NC 28785 Your donation is tax deductible

Bill is available if you would like someone from Circles of Hope to come speak at your church or organization about how we can reduce poverty in Haywood County.

For any information please email Bill Guy at