Takiyah’s Story

Next to my faith, Circles® has been the major catalyst of change in my life. I now have opportunities and the confidence to do things that have been in my heart for years and I never thought them possible. I’m a single mom with three children. Before Circles®, I lived at the mercy of the next crisis. I had a job with a decent income, but if any extra expense came up, my life was thrown into a tailspin. Now I have a plan and an emergency fund. I no longer depend on payday loans. The Getting Ahead class opened my eyes to my reality, and also helped me recognize the resources I need to reach my goals. My Allies give me ideas, feedback, and encouragement at each step. Of the three major goals that I set, I have already reached one and I’m well on my way with the other two. I feel so proud and grateful for how others are investing in my life. Circles® will be a big part of my life from now on. Not only will it help me to reach my goals, but Circles® allows me to give back by helping others reach theirs.— Takiyah McCathern

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